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  • 26 Jun 12 Stay for a cup of tea if you like

    It’s been round about a week now since we started pushing Clubhouse+, so I thought I’d sum up everything that’s been happening for those who’d like to know. The good news is that the first stage of the push went very well.  We’ve seen lots of activity with people uploading pictures and creating news articles by read more »

  • 14 Jun 12 Clubhouse+

    So, I said I’d be back with something new, and finally here we are! To place that in context, for those who haven’t followed this blog, Clubhouse previously reached a point where it had largely solved the problem of team selection given the approach it took.  This was around late 2009 or so.  It wasn’t read more »

  • 01 Oct 10 Celebrations, reflections and announcements

    Today Clubhouse is exactly 2 and a half years old! I know! Can you believe it…. I’ve never really noticed Clubhouse’s age before mainly because things have been moving at such a pace any milestones had have a cursory thought at best, however as some of you may have noticed I have been conspicous by read more »